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Where to eat Mexican food in Cebu? Meximama is my top choice! I know, you’re probably wondering why this is the case when I clearly haven’t written about this cafe on my blog before. Truth is, I have but one excuse for my lack of post – when I go to Meximama, I forget to take photos of the food because I can’t wait to devour their heaven-sent, mouthwatering food.

I’m not kidding!

Well that, and because the location of their first two branches is far from the city, thus an inconvenience to most tourists. But good news for everyone, they’ve opened their third branch and it’s now easier to have Mexican Food in Cebu without having to leave the city proper! Their new location is at The Ridges, Mabolo Panagdait, Cebu City.

Mexican Food In Cebu – Meximama Branch in Mabolo, Cebu

Mexican Food In Cebu - Meximama Mexican Food In Cebu - MeximamaMexican Food In Cebu - MeximamaMexican Food In Cebu - MeximamaMexican Food In Cebu - MeximamaMexican Food In Cebu - Meximama

Looks amazing, right? Well their food is just as delicious, if not more! Here are my top three Meximama faves:

  • Costillas de Cordo (Baby Back Ribs, Orange Barbeque Sauce, pickled vegetables, Mexican rice) – P195
  • Chuletas (Marinated Pork Chop, Mango Jalapeño and pineapple salsa, pickled vegetables, Mexican rice) – P185
  • Elotes (Grilled corn on cob with meximama seasoning, crema, raja, and chilito) – P95

Like I said, no food photos cause I can’t wait to eat them as soon as I lay my eyes on them. Don’t forget to visit them atThe Ridges, Mabolo Panagdait, Cebu City. 🙂


Where To Eat Mexican Food In Cebu? Meximama, Please!