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My friends and I felt so stressed last month, so we decided to take a break. Originally, we wanted to hit the beach but there wasn’t any near to us. The next option was to look for a public pool, but that wasn’t a very good idea either. Gladly, one of us thought of staying in a hotel with pool amenities instead. Our first option, of course, was Summit Circle Hotel.

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The room we took was their largest (32-35 sqm) – Jr. Suite. The room had really large windows, which I love because I like looking at the stars at night. It also had a flat-screen TV, but we didn’t use it that much because we were there for the pool!

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The pool they have is really small – with only 4ft water; but we had it for ourselves so we had so much fun! My friends and I played a lot of friendly water games. It was safe because we were all self-proclaimed tall people. We bought our own chips because we didn’t want to buy from their cafe. I love their restaurant, by the way, but we didn’t have much funds. Tee hee! PS. Thanks to my friend’s boyf for the pics. ♥

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After about three hours of swimming and playing, we decided to chill and wait till the visitor’s time is over. We watched TV (I guess I was wrong about the TV part above) and ate the remaining chips we had. The bed was large so we squeezed ourselves on it. Of course, pillow fight and a lot of selfies happened after.

Our stay at Summit Circle really de-stressed and left us happy! This was the kind of stay-cation I really enjoyed! ☺

Summit Circle Hotel | Website | +63 32 239 3000