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Southeast Asia Bucket List Printable Planner

Are you planning to see all of Southeast Asia? If yes, then this printable planner is for you! This has been a huge help to other Cebu Bloggers, loyal readers, and friends. You need this!

Inside this planner is a Southeast Asia Map and you can shade each country with colored pens as soon as you visit them.

You’ll also see a “Top 10 Things To-Do” list per country that will be so handy when you start your Southeast Asia Adventure!

Southeast Asia Planner | Cebu Bloggers | Cebu Travel Blog
Southeast Asia Planner | Cebu Bloggers | Cebu Travel Blog
Southeast Asia Planner | Cebu Bloggers | Cebu Travel Blog
Southeast Asia Planner | Cebu Bloggers | Cebu Travel Blog
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The world awaits for you. Will you answer its call?

Hi, I’m Mary Narvasa, author of The Infinite Adventure, and one of the thriving Cebu Bloggers specializing in budget & long-term travel.

Like most people, I’ve always dreamed of seeing more of the world. After I finished my studies, my thirst for travel became stronger. I kept imagining how it would feel like to be in a strange land with street names I can’t read and people speaking a language I couldn’t understand.

In 2012, I decided to go to Hong Kong and check the first item on my bucket list – to see Disneyland. Since then, I’ve been to more than ten countries and countless of cities. This year, I’m excited to set foot in 5 new countries!

So what can you expect from a Cebu Travel Blog? The usual –  itineraries, visa application guides, cheap deals, and reviews.  But more than that, this site is a collection of stories about people facing their fears, reaching their dreams, and living the life of infinite adventures.

I hope you get inspired to do the same!


Want to read about my adventures along the road or my events as one of the Cebu Bloggers? Stories include getting sick from street food, getting lost in a new city, or problems arising due to language barriers! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun reading these. Enjoy this virtual adventure!


Thinking about traveling to a new country or city and want to learn some tips and read real reviews? Or maybe you’d like to know how you get a visa or find work arrangements abroad so you can travel long term and hop from one country to another? This is the section to read!


The Infinite Adventure Special: this section is filled with letters written by other Cebu Bloggers and international travelers. By sharing our why  – their hopes, dreams, struggles, and achievements – we hope to inspire more people to take a chance and see more of the world!

Snippets Of The Infinite Adventure
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The Pasalubong Project

Would you like to receive a souvenir from me?

Every time I travel, I send some postcards & gifts to my family & friends especially when I think they would enjoy the place I’m visiting had they been there with me.

I also send some to my readers who continuously request this on my social media accounts.

After getting over 30 messages about this on my last trip from other Cebu bloggers and friends, I’ve decided to officially make it my project to send 3 BIG gifts to 3 lucky readers for every new adventure I embark to!

Fill out the form below with your information so I can add you to the list! Please note that I’ll base the list on the time of sign up, so the sooner you add your info through the form below, the sooner you’ll receive one from me.

Thank you!

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