Two years ago, I promised myself that I will visit at least 1 new place every year. It could be a city, province, landmark, or even a foreign country. I created a list of the best places to visit, then when I’m ready to wander, I evaluate which one is the most feasible destination.

For two years in a row, I have been blessed with opportunities to travel and see more places than I could have ever hoped for. I’ll be forever grateful to those who opened their arms to me – businesses, companies, agencies, and friends alike.

But I know this isn’t always the case for everyone. There are those who does not have luxury to travel often. Reasons could vary from monetary, health, to personal issues.

So today, I’m creating a post specifically for those who don’t travel frequently. These are the Top Philippine Destinations you should visit at least once in your lifetime, as told by people you can trust when it comes to traveling – bloggers!

1. Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera
“A destination for every kind of traveler/tourist – beach bums, trekkers, adrenaline junkies, divers, couples, family, solo, laid back, party goer, name it! They have few of the best dive spots in world and it’s sunny all year round.” – Sara Fergie of

2. Coron

“If they want to see a place in the country where nature’s beauty is preserved, they should go to Coron. The guide we had and the locals were so nature-loving. Proof to that is they picked up the garbages in the area we’re walking on even if they were left by other tourists.” – Gay Dumaguing of

3. Bohol

“Immaculate beaches, wonderful sites, friendly locals, and a haven of history — they literally have whatever their heart desires.” – Janelle Almosara,

4. Tagaytay

“Tagaytay – because of the breath-taking view of the Taal Lake and the majestic Taal Volcano. Plus, the city is all complete with various uniquely-themed restaurants and hotels, perfect for tourists. It’s best to visit Tagaytay during June to February, with all the cold weather and fog, giving you a temperate-climate feeling just like in the Western countries. Take advantage of this dreamy ambience while having lunch or dinner with family in a restaurant overlooking the massive lake complete with Bulalo, crunchy tawilis and a nice cup of brewed local coffee.” – Oliver Bughaw,

5. Siquijor

“Laid back life, awesome seafood, the best of nature(waterfalls, caves, marine sanctuaries, beaches), great hospitality.” – Thaddeau Ybarsabal Engaling,

6. Baguio

“My home away from home. It’s very relaxing, nostalgic, and the best place to go to when you need to escape from the city noise.” – Anabelle Perez,

7. Bacolod

“Not only is the city easy to navigate and with the friendliest people but you can also experience reveling in nature, art, food, history and culture without shedding too much bucks. It’s really affordable. There’s inasal, Pendy’s and Calea for the foodies, the Mambukal Resort for your nature, hot spring and waterfall encounter, the museums, parks and the infamous Ruins for a touch of history, the everest zipline and the list goes on.” – Anne Macachor,

8. Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island
“It has to be Sumilon Island in Southern Cebu. Sand, sea and sun with crystal blue water and rich biodiversity. smile emoticon A travel blogger’s haven.” – Jeane Louise Mainit,

9. Kalanggaman Island

“Rustic and unspoiled beach. An affordable glimpse of island living before technology and internet dominated human life.” – Carlo Olano,

10. Camiguin

“Camiguin has awesome historical and natural sites plus everything’s affordable! You can also visit most of the tourist spots within 1 day!” – Flei Der Maus,

11. Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan De Oro
“The picturesque Cagayan de Oro River is one of the must-visit places in the Philippines for tourists. Not just the beautiful river itself but the activity it is so well-known for – rafting! Whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro river pumps up your adrenaline up to the roof.”– Gian Carlo Jubela and Sheila Mei of

Got more to add? Comment them below! 🙂