October is Bacolod City’s busiest month. It’s this time of the year when they hold one of the country’s grandest festivals – Masskara Festival.

Masskara festival, coined from the words “mass” which means many or a multitude of the people and the “kara” (Spanish) meaning “face”, is the reason why the city got its famous tagline, “City of Smiles”.

Some of the highlights of the festival include a street dance competition where participants wear colorful masks, street parties, fireworks, beauty pageants, carnivals, concerts, and a lot more.

Sounds exciting, right?!

But Bacolod City’s more than just Masskara Festival. It’s a place of culture, history, relaxation, and most importantly, friendly people. Ilonggo People are known to be sweet sounding, and that’s probably because of the intonation of their dialect that is Hiligaynon.

So if you plan to visit this year’s Masskara Festival or if Bacolod City is a part of your travel plans in the coming months, here’s a complete guide for you.

Top Hotels in Bacolod

  • L’fisher
  • Planta Hotel
  • Circle Inn
  • Sugar land Hotel
  • Metro Inn
  • West Town hotel
  • North West Inn
  • GT hotel
  • Business Inn
  • Kundotel
  • Luxor Place
  • O hotel

Affordable Accommodation in Bacolod

  • Bacolod pension
  • Check Inn
  • Ecotel
  • High Residences (transient)
  • Avenue Suites
  • Saltimboca
  • Tindalo
  • Omar

Where To Eat In Bacolod

  • Manokan Country
  • Shareens
  • Crate
  • 2 story kitchen
  • Nonas kitchen
  • Bar21
  • Pepes
  • Cookies and crumbs
  • Pala-pala
  • My Big Fat Shawarma
  • Moon Cafe

Tourists Spots To See While in Bacolod

  • Mambukal
  • Campuestuhan
  • Bantog
  • The Ruins

Other Tourist Spots Near Bacolod

  • Hilltop – Murcia
  • Don Salvador Benedicto – “Baguio of Negros Occidental”
  • Carbin Reef (sagay city)
  • Balay Negrense – Silay

Usual Fare in Bacolod

  • Jeepney – P7.00
  • Trike: Depends, usually P10.00
  • Taxi – P40 + 3.50

Malls in Bacolod

  • Robinsons
  • Sm
  • Gaisano main
  • Gaisano city
  • Lopues East
  • Lopues Mandalagan
  • Lopues San Sebastian

Hiligaynon Translations You’ll Probably Need

English: How much is the fare from _______ to ________?
Hiliganon: Pila ang plete halin___ pakadto ____?

English: How do I go to ___________?
Hiligaynon: Panu mag kadto sa ____?

English: Does this jeepney bass by ____________?
Hiligaynon: Ga agi ni sa ___?

English: Where is the ______________?
Hiligaynon: Diin ang __?

English:Good morning / afternoon / evening.
Hiligaynon: Mayong aga / Mayong hapon / Mayong gab e.


There you have it! A guide for everything that you need to have a memorable stay in the City Of Smiles. I hope you find this helpful. Have a great time in Bacolod! Halong (Take care)! 🙂