Are you wondering how to go to Nami Island from Seoul? You’ve come to the right place! From pan-fried rice cakes to french-themed villages, Nami Island is perfect for travel junkies and certified wanderers. This article is an updated guide on how to go to Nami Island and back to Seoul!

Step 1: Go to Yongsan Station

The first step on how to go to Nami Island from seoul is to take the metro to Yongsan Station (Line 1). The Yongsan Station is the major railway station in Seoul located near the Yongsan Electronics Market.

Ticket Amount: Depends on which station you’re from 🙂

Step 2: Take the ITX Train to Gapyeong Station

From Yongsan Station, your next destination should be the Gapyeong Station.

Now, read carefully because I have two very important tips here:

  • At Gapyeong Station, there are TWO KINDS of ticket stations – one for the regular train (Metro) and one for the ITX train (the fast train). I suggest you take the ITX train because this gets you to Nami Island in just an hour. The metro line has so many stops, is a bit confusing, and gets you there in 90mins. (I know because I made the mistake of using the metro line! Haha)
  • It is highly advisable to book your tickets in advance to make sure of the availability of the ITX train. You can book the tickets online through the KORAIL booking page. Use the details below on the first page, then choose the departure time. You will then get a confirmation page. Print that out and collect the actual tickets at Yongsan Station.
    • Travel Category: Normal Type
      Travel Type: Direct
      Departure Time: Fill in your departure date. Set “Hour” at 0 so that you can get the full list of times.
      Departure / Arrival: Yongsan /Gapyeong
      Train: ITX-Cheongchun
      Passengers: Fill in accordingly

Ticket Amount: KRW 4,800.

Step 3: Ride a taxi to Gapyeong Wharf (Tour Bus is available too)

When you arrive, you’ll have two choices. Go straight to Gapyeong Wharf by taxi or wait for the tour bus. The difference is this: if you take the cab, it’s convenient and cheaper. But you won’t be able to visit the nearby areas. If you take the tour bus, you’d have the luxury to hop on and hop off and visit more locations on the island.

Personally, I just wanted to see Nami Island, so I prefer the cab. Also, the cab driver had difficulty understanding “Gapyeong Wharf” but understood immediately when I said I wanted to go to Nami Island. 🙂

Ticket Amount: Taxi / Cab (KRW 3,000 to 5000) | Tour Bus (KRW 6,000)

Step 4: Take a 2-minute walk to Gapyeong Wharf then ride a ferry to Nami Island.

When you get to the wharf, fall in line and pay KRw 8,000. They call it a “visa” but it’s really just an entrance + ferry ticket to and from the Nami Island. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you also can also opt to ride a zip line to Nami Island for KRW 38,000 which is inclusive of admission to Nami Island and a ferry ride back to the wharf. You’ll just have to leave your personal belongings in the lockers at the reception area.

Step 5: Welcome to Nami Island! Enjoy! You now know how to go to Nami Island from Seoul, but how do you get back? Simple! Just retrace the steps above. 🙂

Now, the photos. These are taken using my iPhone because my camera died. So sad! Hope you still love them though!

How To Go To Nami Island From Seoul + Photos

How To Go To Nami Island From Seoul + Photos

Hope you find this guide helpful! 🙂

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How To Go To Nami Island From Seoul + Photos