Do you want to know how to get to Baguio From Manila? You’re on the right page. Last week, my friends and I went to an impromptu trip to Baguio. We did not have information on the rates because we did not have time to research, so we relied on the things we read online. Unfortunately, most of them are not updated. So I thought of creating this post so you can be updated of the recent information / fare rates from Manila to Baguio, Philippines.

Route: NAIA > Victory Liner Terminal (Pasay City) to Baguio, Philippines


From Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Terminal 3) to Victory Liner Terminal at Pasay City, we paid the white cab an exact amount of P100. Since we arrived at the terminal past 7AM already, we were not able to catch the second deluxe trip to Baguio. We decided not to wait for the next deluxe tripΒ and settle with the regular bus instead.

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Here are the Manila-Baguio Victory Liner Trip Schedule And Rates (Updated as of April 1, 2016):


First-Class Victory Liner Bus Schedule To Baguio:
Fare: P750

  • 1:15 AM
  • 6:15 AM
  • 11:15 AM
  • 1:15 AM
  • 11:15 PM

Regular Victory Liner Bus Schedule To Baguio: Every Hour
Fare: P455

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What are the perks of the Victory LinerΒ First-Class Bus?


  • More leg space and seats can be reclined
  • Comfort Room. Perfect for people who like to pee a lot, the bus has a comfort room of it’s own.
  • You get some free snacks which are usually a bottle of mineral water and a biscuit or candies.
  • Shorter travel time. Since there’s a comfort room in the bus, there is no need for stopovers.
  • Service Attendant. Much like a “flight attendant”, first class Victory Liner Buses have attendants.

For questions, you may contact Victory Liner on their website or you may call the Pasay Branch at 02) 833-4403, (02) 833-5019 to 20. For other branch numbers, please see this page.

Disclaimer: Some photos found in this post were taken from the Victory Liner website.