Macau was certainly the highlight of my vacation in China. I guess it was a plus that we had a very energetic tour guide, completely opposite from the one we had in Hong Kong.

Our first stop was at the Ruins of St. Paul’s. I don’t know if I remember it right but our tour guide said it was one of the largest Catholic churches in the land before it burned. According to my research, it also used to be a school, St. Paul’s College to be exact.

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We didn’t have that much time so we only made some quick stops for photo opps along the way when we headed to The Venetian. We were kind of sad to not be able to see the rest of city, but we hoped our next and final stop would be memorable.

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And it sure was! As we entered The Venetian, all we could say was “wow”. The place was crowded with foreigners like us, and some locals who seek to win games at the Casino.

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We weren’t allowed to take photos while in the premises of the gaming place, so we didn’t stay there long. As suggested by our tour guide (who now was on his way home, surely energetic still), we went to the next floor and there we found this heaven-like roof. It was truly breathtaking and the lights added a romantic vibe to th place.

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I had to pose fast (as you can see I’m not very prepared) to capture this guy on the boat. Not only was I fan-girling because he is a fellow Filipino, but because he had a voice which could make any girl believe in love.

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And when I thought I had seen them all sparkling things, I realized I thought wrong. Outside the Venetian was more glittery buildings and streets. This is probably why they say Macau is Asia’s Vegas, (not that I’ve been in Vegas to know how it looks like).

We stayed there – my brother, cousin, and I – while we waited for our free ride back to Hong Kong. We stared in awe of all the lights. And in that moment, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’d see The City of Dreams. I’ll be back, hopefully soon.

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