Eyelashes make or break the look, do you agree?

When I put on some makeup, even though I rarely do the “full makeup look” these days, I always think that I look a thousand times better when I use fake lashes.

But since I’m not an expert at putting on makeup and I don’t usually have the luxury of time to spend two hours prepping for some event, I typically decide to skip the lashes and mascara altogether.

And this is why I’m so in love with the idea of eyelash extensions. They give us that well made-up look as soon as we wake up. What a total time saver!

But whom should we entrust our delicate eyes to, you ask?

My first choice is always the New Lounge! And I’m so glad that they FINALLY opened a branch here in Cebu!

I know what you’re thinking – aren’t they expensive?!? Yes, they are a bit expensive compared to other lash shops but trust me, they’re worth it! They are so careful about the whole experience, and you can trust that they really care for your eyes – it’s not just about making another sale.

Their process usually starts with a consultation, and then they’ll let you know which lash combo is the best for your type of eyes. The process takes about 2 hours total. Then you can come back after 3 weeks for a retouch.

Here is my before:

Here’s how my eyes looked after:

They look so NATURAL, don’t they?!?! And I’m glad that they initially did a consultation with me because I would’ve chosen a different combo that would make it look so fake on my eyes!

And of course, the final look! 🙂

Book a session with them now! More info here about their Cebu Branch: https://www.newloungeph.com/cebu