I’d have to thank my workmates for planning out our first summer escapade for 2014! Honestly, I was not paying any attention while they were discussing the details because I was so busy watching Meteor Garden (The Ultimate Throwback). *guilty* When they agreed that we were going to Pandanon Island; I nodded, of course, to make it seem like I have been listening the whole time! Tee hee.

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We agreed to meet at Park Mall, Mandaue City around eight in the morning. I had to make things interesting so I arrived late. They texted me to go to Savemore Mactan instead, and I did together with Maggie and Cess, two of my friends who were coming along. When we got there, we met with our boat man and aboarded the mighty bangka (small-with-engine boat). It took us about an hour to reach Pandanon Island.
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It’s been so long since I had a legit summer escapade at the beach so you can just imagine my excitement when we got to Pandanon Island! I wanted to swim immediately! However, I also felt so hungry so I got torn between the captivating white sand beach and the mouth-watering grilled meat. Obviously, food won! 🙂
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Boy, did I have so much fun! I wanted to mimic how a mermaid swims but I guess my body has so much f_t I can only float. Lol! My friends and I did a lot of underwater shots because the water at Pandanon Island was crystal clear. We can’t share/post them all though, because some one those showed too much skin. 😀
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We stayed in Pandanon Island until about 4 in the afternoon, then we headed to the fish sanctuary at Talima. We had to throw many bread bites to call the attention of the fishes. When there were already many in sight, we jumped from our bangka right to the fresh water! There were hundreds of them!!! Too bad the current was too strong so we couldn’t explore more.
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After an hour of snorkeling, we felt too tired and decided to head home. The sunset was beautiful to watch. I felt so happy just by looking at it. It was indeed, a day well spent.

Expenses per person, Group of 13-15: Bangka Rental Fee + Cottage (P250); Island Entrance Fee (P150); Food (P200); Snorkeling Goggles, Optional (P100), Fish Sanctuary Entrance, Optional (P100), Transpo Fee for smaller bangka, jeepney rides, etc (P 50) = TOTAL (P850 OR $20)

Credits: Thanks, Queenie & Brenda for the photos! Thanks, Tara, for being the ultimate outing planner. Thanks, Camille & Richard for not getting tired of us teasing you guys. Love you SO much, team!!! ♥