I probably would be the last one to travel on a motorcycle when the sun is at its highest peak, but because of my being so adventurous and my thirst to see new places, I said yes when invited by a friend to do a road trip to Daanbantayan, Cebu.

 photo 1465111_776007885761416_1572478009_n_zps812937ed.jpgI was riding with this group called SDMAC, which is a shorter term for Sky Drive Mactan. They derived their name from the make of their motorcycles which is Sky Drive; and the place where they are mostly from – Mactan. If you want to join them, wherever you are from Cebu, let me know! Message me and I’ll give you their contact information.
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We planned on starting the ride to Daanbantayan as early as six in the morning, but we were not able to start until around 8:30am because the others arrived late. I was beginning to worry because the sun has already risen.
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When doing a ‘road trip’ on a motorcycle, please wear long pants and sleeves, unless it is your goal to have a tan. Also wear sunblock to protect yourself from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. I had two layers of sunblock to make sure my skin is protected while I embrace the lovely views I got to see. There weren’t much stops on our way to Daanbantayan, so I made sure I had enough hankies too!
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I enjoyed looking at the blue seas a lot! I enjoy chillin’ at the beach especially when I’m depressed because the sound of the waves takes away my stress. But here’s a trivia: my skin is so sensitive that I have to suffer from rashes for a couple of days after bathing in the beach.
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One more thing, make sure you have masks or closed helmets especially if it’s gonna be a dusty ride! I bought one prior to the ride but left it at home because I was in a hurry! Yey me… not. Wearing of safety gear especially the drivers is a must. No matter how good you are in driving, it’s always best to go the extra mile to stay safe.
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The trip from Cebu City to Daanbantayan was almost four hours (including the gasoline stops) so it was a total of more or less, 8 hours on the road. It was so exhilarating and butt-hurting, but also so much fun! ☺
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(Photo from Ensogo) And oh, before I forget, our last stop in Daanbantayan was near the port to Malapascua Island. We didn’t sail but just to give you an idea, this is how the island looks like. Now I have just added a place on your bucket list. You’re welcome!