Same-sex marriage in Guam is the new #weddinggoals for the Filipino LGBTQIA community!

So here you are, you found your one true love, and you’ve decided to tie the knot. But the real question to ask is, where?

Where do you want this life-changing moment to take place?

Fancy a beach wedding at sunset? A floral-themed garden wedding perhaps? Maybe you want to walk up a hill-top and face the glorious rising sun while exchanging vows?

There are so many places in the world that can offer you the wedding of your dreams, but one place truly stands out – GUAM. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Guam, which makes this paradise the perfect wedding destination for ALL Filipinos, including for the LGBTQIA community!

Come to Guam, where love is real. Same-sex marriage in Guam is now a possibility!

Here are five reasons why Filipinos, including our LGBTQIA community, should choose Guam as their top destination wedding choice:

#1 – Guam offers LEGAL marriage for all, including our gay friends!

#1 - Come to Guam, where love is real: Guam offers LEGAL marriage for our gay friends!

Sadly, in the Philippines and perhaps in most of the world, same-sex marriage has been and probably will remain to be a battle with no clear end in sight.

Because of this, a lot of my gay friends resort to the next best thing – a ceremony without legality. But here’s the good news: when you have same-sex marriage in Guam, your wedding is legal and binding.

Now you might say this is useless because it won’t affect your status in the Philippines, but an experience my friend had convinced me that a legal marriage done abroad is far from useless for Filipinos.

He and his partner were travelling in Australia (where same-sex marriage is recognised), when they got into a car accident. The hospital had a strict family-only policy for visitors. Luckily, they brought with them their marriage certificate, so he was allowed to enter his partner’s room. Imagine how difficult it would have been if they opted for a non-legal ceremony.

#2 – Guam is the nearest place to offer legal same-sex marriage!

#2 - Guam is the nearest place to offer legal same-sex marriage!

A friend I know used to make this joke all the time:

“You can choose to brave Edsa during peak hours, or you can go to Guam. The travel time is the same!”

With just three and a half hours of travel time, Guam is the closest place to the Philippines offering legal same-sex marriage. 

#3 – It’s inexpensive to have same-sex marriage in Guam.

#3 - It’s inexpensive to get have same-sex marriage in Guam.

Destination weddings are great, but airline tickets? International wedding planners? Wedding preparations? Not so much, simply because these things add up to a bank-breaking budget unless you’re going to have same-sex marriage in Guam!


There are currently three airlines flying the Manila to Guam route – United Airlines, Philippines and Cebu Pacific. Among the three, Cebu Pacific offers the most inexpensive airline tickets –  Php 4,000 for a one-way trip.  


If you’re on a strict budget, fret not! Guam has a host of professional wedding planners and event coordinators who can help you not only save time but also work within your budget. From the simplest to the most lavish of weddings, Guam can make it happen for you.


You can select from a plethora of special packages that go as low as $1,120 (P56,000 ALL IN!) to get wed at Oceanview Chapel. This package already covers it all – the Chapel Fee, Pastor, Organist and Singer, Wedding Coordinator, Wedding Certificate, Bouquet & Boutonniere, Program (Couples & Guests), Transportation (Chapel-Hotel by Limousine) Marriage Candle, Photographs, and Bride Hair & Makeup.


Getting married in Guam costs only $30 for the marriage license application. I know right, can it get any better than this?

#4 – Having a same-sex marriage in Guam is stress-free.

#4 - Getting married in Guam is stress-free.

Not only is marriage there inexpensive, but the process is also stress-free, too! How does this sound?

Day 1 – Arrival

Day 2 – Tour The Island with Wedding Guests

Day 3 – Wedding Day! Same-Sex Marriage in Guam FOR REAL

Day 4 – Relax

Day 5 – Honeymoon begins!

Impossible? Nope! Guam makes the wedding process easy for love birds! Click here to read the easy breezy steps on how to get married in this paradise.

#5 – Guam is honeymoon-ready!

#5 - Guam is honeymoon-ready!

Beautiful tourist spots, tropical climate, clear waters, world-class hotels, unique & diverse local cuisine, tax-free shopping, historic diving activities… the list goes on! Click here to see all the fantastic things you can do in Guam.

Guam is a tourist destination you don’t want to miss! This place truly has everything you need for a memorable union of two people who are in love! Come to Guam and see LOVE unfold!