Boracay is the place where you’ll never run out of fun things to do. Our wallets, unfortunately, have a limitation. Yet, this doesn’t stop us to see this paradise everyone’s been talking about. So, we book our tickets and contact some hotels.

Then the day finally arrives.

“Hello, Bora! #Summer #Vacay #Yolo”

As soon as you check in, you realize that there are a gazillion of activities being offered to you left and right… but you can’t afford them all. So which do you choose?

Today, Two-Way Travels will help you decide. By going to Boracay personally and surveying a good number of friends, I bring you six activities that you absolutely must prioritize when in spending your vacation in Boracay on a limited budget.

Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving Boracay

First things first, do helmet diving. I’m listing this as the first item because I want to emphasize that this must be done in the morning or early afternoon. We did ours around four and five in the afternoon (on a not-so-friendly weather), so our photos turned dark. Fishes weren’t participating in our vanity as well.

But I’ve seen photos of friends doing the same activity, and they sure had so much fun. Here’s one I found on the internet. #AwkwardIsAwesome

Helmet Diving In Boracay

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Parasailing In Boracay

Around an hour before sunset, I suggest you to sign up for a parasailing activity. This will give you ample time to pay, be scheduled, wait for your turn, and finally having to parasail while watching the beautiful Boracay sunset.

Advice: Selfies up there are great, but at least spend more time appreciating the beauty of nature. You may ask the boatmen to take photos of you. Photos taken from below you look better anyways!

Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing In Boracay
One of the cheapest activities you can do is watch fire dancing performances (they’re all over the island!) If you want to watch a really good show though, look for Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers. I’ve watched several performances and theirs was the most fun and lively! My eyes were glued at them until the very end.

I say it’s cheap because they’re only asking for donations. Whatever amount you can give is enough… so prepare small bills if your budget is tight.

ATV Ride

ATV In Boracay
Now that you’re on the second day (are you? If not, it’s okay! This activity is perfect to do anytime), it’s time to be more adventurous! Go get yourself on an ATV and make your way to the peak of Boracay Island. I had so much fun during this activity, although for some reason my reflexes somehow forgot how to drive. It’s weird because I drive a motorcycle back home and my friends don’t, but they did way better than I did on the ATV. Oh well, all is well as the ATV guys were more than willing to help!


Island Hopping In Boracay
If it’s your first time in Boracay and you’re only spending 3 days in the island, then your schedule will be very busy… and you’ll have less swimming time. What a bummer, right? Beach is life! So make up for loss swimming time by adding the island hopping package to your line up of activities.

Warning though, make sure to put on some jellyfish repellant lotion, it’s not a common thing but a select unfortunate few (like me, of course) get to meet them itchy devils.

Fly Fish

Fly Fish In Boracay

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Finally, the biggest regret I made during my last visit was not to try out Fly Fish. I’ve tried everything stated above but not this (curse you soft bed and huggable pillows). I needed to add this to the list though, because everyone I saw who rode the flying fish had the BIGGEST and WIDEST smiles on their faces. They enjoyed themselves to the fullest, I can tell. 🙂

Other Boracay Activities & My Thoughts on Them:

Banana Boat. Boring as Kristen Stewarts face. Kidding! The guy whom I bought my packages from told me not to waste my money on this activity. Share this article for his honesty, maybe?!

Pub Crawl. Dubbed as the best island activity by others, but more specifically by those who really love to drink and party! Joining pub crawl means you are required to attend the games and activities (drinking, meeting drunk and touchy men).

Glass Bottom Boat. Why not go snorkeling instead of sitting on a boat?

Zorb. I don’t understand what’s fun with this? No, just no.

Zipline. This is everywhere. I bet you can find one in your hometown, too! Spend your money elsewhere.

How much are these activities? Are they the most affordable activities in Boracay?

Most affordable? Definitely not. But they are the ones that are worth every penny you will spend, especially if you can only spend so much. When I was in Boracay Island last July 2014, I paid only P1500.00 for all the activities mentioned above (except Fly Fish and the bulleted ones). Yes, it’s incredibly cheap if you 1) buy packaged activities and 2) haggle with the tour guides until the very end (LOL). Remember, the price will be twice as much during summer time, so plan ahead!

If you want to contact the tour guide I was with, please text “Romel” at +63 908 764 7670.

Safety Tip: NEVER pay for “down payment”. Pay as the tour happens or after all the activities in the tour is finished. I’ve seen tourists cry in disappointment when they found out that they’ve been scammed for agreeing to impossibly good deals that required down payment / reservation fee.

Enjoy Boracay! I hope you have the best vacay! xo

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Top Six Activities To Try When In Boracay On A Budget